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Windows Into Endocrine Repair
With Karen Allen
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Our endocrine systems control all of our metabolic and hormonal functions.

What happens when it is disrupted?

Is homeopathy a reliable intervention?


In this daylong presentation with Karen Allen CCH, we will learn from the words of clients. Join us to look through the windows of some cases – some that failed and some that thrived. These cases will illustrate the thumbprint of endocrine disturbance, illuminate patterns of endocrine sarcodes, and demonstrate strategies for dosing and case management.

Barnie and Betty who could not have a baby:

Through the journey of these failed cases, we consider environmental toxins in the reproductive system, and methods to address them. Like many of our clients, Barnie and Betty showed complex miasmatic inheritance, sequelae of disease and much medical intervention prior to coming to homeopathy. Through 20 months of homeopathic work, we look at the most likely successful and unsuccessful opportunities for intervention and correction.

Molly whose health deteriorated after the Mirena contraception:

While acknowledging the incredible benefit of contraception in general (not every woman is ready to have 13 children through her reproductive life!), it is not without biological costs. Sequelae can appear in seemingly unrelated body systems. For this woman, the Mirena, (a hormonal intrauterine device) placement was followed by food allergies, fibrosis, insomnia, and panic attacks. We will cover the timeline, interventions and successful outcome for this client.

Hannah with ‘haemorrhage and hot flushes from hell’:

Many peri-menopausal women arrive at our office when the change of life is not changing smoothly. Hannah was anaemic, exhausted, and unstable. We will look at very surprising events in her case as her body repaired and transitioned into healthy menopause.

Ingrid and Insomnia:

Years of not sleeping followed an era of eating disorder.
There were also some very disruptive sexual symptoms that she was reticent to discuss but intrusive in the case. This client benefited from a combination of constitutional care and endocrine sarcodes in a way that expands our understanding of Materia Medica.

Homeopathy offers so much potential for our clients. Whether you are early in your practice or have been working with clients for decades, there will be practical guidance that you can take away and implement for the benefit of your clients. 

Karen Allen, CCH was drawn to homeopathy after seeing a remarkable response in an illness for one of her children; she enrolled and graduated from Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in 1994. She is the director of TrinityHealthHub.com an online resource for education, mentoring, connection and advocacy for homeopaths and those who use homeopathy