Events We Attend

The events we are providing a service for in 2019 are below.

Our big Marquee:

Geronimo at Arley Park  24th-27th May Geronimo Festival

Glastonbury 26th-30th June

Stainsby Folk Festival 19th-21st  July

Larmer Tree Festival 118th-21st July Larmer Tree Festival

Deer Shed Festival  26th-28th July

Might need to pay £15 for car/van

Cambridge Folk Festival 1st-4th August

Green Gathering 1st-4th August

Boomtown 7th-11th August

Northern Green Gathering 15th-18th August

Solfest 23rd – 25th August

Park in car park no driving onto site apart from set up vehicle.

If you would like us to attend your event and provide homoeopathic treatment. Please email us