Welcome to THC

We are a group of professional homeopaths providing assistance to visitors at outdoor events, festivals and other public gatherings. Wherever we go we set up a drop in clinic and carry out treatments on a donation, or free basis, to people in need. We also give advice and refer on to other homeopaths.

We are a registered UK charity committed to bringing homeopathy to where it is needed.

Our current fundraising is focussed on a new mobile clinics to provide the service we currently offer in towns and cities.

To find out a little more about THC, why not click on the links below and have a listen. For more details about THC please reach us on the Contact Us page.

Interview with our founder Marcus Christo https://youtu.be/9wZ2pODCnDM

Interview with our patron Miranda Castro https://youtu.be/V0_BjtKUxBI